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About US

About Us

Small Inventory Management System (SIMS) - is provided by WITS Warehouse Solutions.

WITS have been supplying warehouse systems for over twenty years with systems ranging from single user/single site operations to Multiple User Sites moving in excess of 600,000 pallets per year.

  • About SIM warehouse stock control

We have a wealth of experience in both hardware and software supply. As a company we don’t use resellers, when you talk to WITS you are talking to the people who designed and developed the stock control software.

This way you are guaranteed to receive the best advice and service on our control systems without having to pay a reseller margin.

SIMS is a product of years of experience designing bespoke warehouse systems. We are now pleased to be able to offer an affordable off the shelf solution for companies who need quick and precise results from their stock control management.

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