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What is SIMS?

SIMS is a powerful, easy to use, fully functional Warehouse Management System (WMS), designed for smaller warehouses of up to 30,000sq ft providing a simple, cost-efficient and effective solution to the daily running of your warehouse.

With its simple to use Windows based interface SIMS will quickly become an invaluable resource in your business.

SIMS Software

The user friendly SIMS Warehouse Management Software can be installed on most existing windows based PC.
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Shipped to as a standalone PC with everything you need to get working on the day of delivery.
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SIMS with Terminals

SIMS software combined with Mobile terminals allows for real time updating of warehouse movements.
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SIMS Software SIMS-In-A-Box SIMS With Terminals

Additional Modules

Automated Costings, Automatic Report Email, Online Stock Reporting can be added to your SIMS from installation or as your business needs dictate.

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Is there large upfront costs?

SIMS WMS is supplied on a rental basis, reducing on large up-front starting costs. With many different rental options to suit your businesses individual needs.

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Is it for me?

SIMS is ideal for businesses just opening their first warehouse or for long established businesses looking to update and modernize their current warehouse operations.

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How can an effective WMS improve your warehouse?

Effective WMS can have wide ranging benefits to any warehouse situation whether providing storage to multiple 3rd party companies or utilising the warehouse for your own storage needs choosing the correct system is vital. It may not be immediately clear how and where you could benefit from a good WMS but if you have items that need storing then here are a few things you could benefit from

Bullet Point Accurate Stock Knowledge

Knowing how much stock you have, where that stock is located and being able to get at that information quickly is a fundamental part of any stock control system. But you may think the employee who deals with that clients knows where that stock is located and how many items we have in the warehouse but what if he's ill?, a WMS doesn't get ill, what if the clients says you should have more stock than Bob can find, can Bob prove where the stock has been located throughout the products life in the warehouse or show the locations where the product has been shipped to with just a quick report?

Bullet Point Improved Efficiency

Time is precious to everyone a WMS has the ability to reduce employee's wasted time with benefits such as guided put away and gone has the wasted time driving up each aisle looking for the empty locations. Utilising the sophisticated picking routine to allow for best walk sequence picking ensuring each area of the warehouse is only visited once.

Bullet Point Client Satisfaction

The centre of any business is their clients. With your clients safe in the knowledge that you have a accurate WMS system in place they will be able to rely on you to fulfil orders, manage their stock and have full audit traceability of their stock from arrival to departure.

A good WMS will ensure your business has the tools to adapted to your changing clients needs. Why not see how the SIMS packages could help your company.

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