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SIMS With Terminals

SIMS With Terminals

SIMS with terminals offers a WMS with Handheld termianals allowing for real time updates as FLT drivers perform movement.

The WITS engineer will come with 3 Handheld scanners pre installed with SIMS CE Handheld ready to go after only minutes of training your staff will be confidently scanning products into locations.

SIMS with Termianls Warehouse Stock Control

What's included?

In addition to the SIMS-In-A-Box package SIMS with Terminals give you

  • 3 Windows CE or equivalent Handheld termainls
  • 3 User Licence for SIMS CE Handheld
  • Additional 2 hours of training

Please note: There is a requirement for WIFI in the warehouse for real time updating. Alternatively the terminals can be run in batch mode requiring the user to return to a docking station to upload and download transactions.

What transactions can I do with the Handhelds?

  • Enquiry by location
  • Enquiry by pallet number
  • Enquiry by product code
  • Stock move by pallet number
  • Stock move by product code
  • Pick Confirmation
  • Goods in

How much is it?

Single User licence for SIMS supplied with PC and pallet label printer, with 3 user SIMS CE licence and 3 Handheld terminals - £674 per month, this includes; initial installation and training, as well as all future system updates with telephone and online support.

NB. There is a minimum rental period of 24 months

NBB. All hardware remains the property of WITS

NBB. Any damages will be repaired and charged at cost to the customer

What do I do next?

To find out more about how SIMS can help your company deliver excellence to your customers or to order SIMS just contact us either via email at or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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