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SIMS Features

SIMS is a fully functional warehouse management system. It is supplied with all the features that your warehouse will require to function efficiently and effectively enabling you to provide your customers with the level of service that they expect.

The Modula design of SIMS gives you the power add any of the modules to your system when required to meet your evolving customer needs ensuring that your WMS can alter and grow as you do.

Goods In

  • Recording of Pallets and singles per pallet
  • Record Multiple Batch references
  • Use SIMS generated pallet numbers or customer own pallets numbers
  • Appling different stock status
  • Print GI confirmation documentation including individual pallet lables if required
  • Full historical recording of GI
  • Booking against pre-advice

Stock Move

  • Simple 1 click Stock Move
  • System lead put away based on empty locations
  • Move stock by product, location, pallet number or batch code.
  • Full historical recording of Stock Move

Stock Checking

  • Single Location
  • Full Face
  • Full Warehouse
  • Perpetual Check

All have an easy to use update tool with full historical recording with pre exported discrepancy reports


  • Pick based on a batch code, FIFO, FILO, Best Walk
  • Pick by pallet or single quantity
  • Manual pallet select or system best match select
  • Add or remove or edit stock to an existing pick
  • Easy pallet substitution

All SIMS systems have the ability to set multiple users operations can be restricted to a user level ensuring operatives only have access to areas they require. The easy to use windows based interface can be quickly learned ensuring quick uptake and allowing your warehouse to benefit the full benefits of SIMS in a short time.

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